We work completely as a team spending many hours training together to create something unique The Zoe Hodgson Method is where you feel relaxed and at ease but feel and see the difference. It aims to integrate mind and body to promote life expectancy as well as quality of life. Health promotion, illness prevention and appropriate treatment interventions are essential to living a longer and healthier life.

If you are a newbie to Pilates, or you have an injury or condition that needs to be addressed before attending group classes, then you need to know you are in safe hands. The Zoe Hodgson team are world class sport and exercise medicine specialists and will work with you to prevent, treat and manage your injury to promote lifelong change to maximise your potential. You will need to book an introductory Private Lesson so that we can take you through beginner fundamentals and establish the best path for you – Private Lessons, The Gentle Mat or a combination. We also run monthly Rehabilitation and Beginner Workshops on a Saturday at 11am.

If you have had prior experience in Group Pilates classes – either Mat or Reformer – then we are happy for you to jump into anyone of our classes to establish which class level might work best for you and happy recommend a way forward.

If you are looking to start with Private Lessons £65 for the hour or you have your own small group of friends and family then please contact us and we will find the perfect teacher for you!

Please note that we are very inclusive studio. We have clients ranging from 14 – 80+ years old, both men and women, and client levels from the extremely injured to the extremely fit.

Mat Classes use both the Pilates Mat, as well as small apparatus – various sized Pilates Balls, Pilates Arcs with mini mats, various bands, various sized Pilates Circles, various hand weights, oval balance pads and various foam rollers – to support AND challenge you.

General Practitioners, Neurosurgeons and Orthopaedic Doctors say regular Pilates can improve quality of movement, alignment with emphasis on length, breath, posture, muscle tone working from the core, balance and joint mobility, as well as relieve stress and tension.

Among a number of benefits, Pilates can improve:

  • Core mobility & strength
  • Flexibility
  • Body awareness
  • Co-ordination
  • Balance
  • Concentration
  • Posture
  • Correction of Alignment

How to create an account

  • You can create or login to your existing account here.
  • Fill out billing information, emergency contact details and sign a medical declaration form here.
  • Buy a class credit online or through our app and click Store Service and use a credit to book into the class of your choice.
  • It is cheaper to buy a block and saves time.
  • Pre-book to avoid disappointment; our classes are small and get booked up.
  • Download Zoe Hodgson Pilates from the app store or google play. Your accounts sync.
  • If the class is full, simply join the waitlist. It will automatically let you know if a space comes up.
  • Find your schedule in your profile, you will see if you have used up all your credits.
  • We have a 6 hour cancellation window and you can cancel easily online or on the app. If you do not, you will be notified that you will lose your credit so always cancel early.
  • Please tick marketing as we do not bombard you with emails that are not relevant to our studio. We just like to let you know about workshops etc.
  • Please check the location of your class! We have two studios 8 minutes drive from each other. View our Surbiton and Esher Studio locations here.