Sam Weerasinghe is MBSR trained and runs our mindfulness-based intervention Masterclasses.
ZH Mindfulness teaches you how, to eliminate the growing disease of stress in society today and works for both families and individuals suffering from the constant busyness and stress of life.
We offer mindful parenting classes and have spent many years developing a Wellbeing Stress Management Programme which was developed originally by Sam for Nuffield Health.
SamMantraโ€™s mission is simple: to offer wellbeing mindfulness programmes that allow individuals to consciously find their own sense of stillness in their lives; express their inner creativity; nurture their minds and bodies and learn to โ€˜just be in the momentโ€™.
Sam adheres to the good practice guidelines for mindfulness-based teachers in the UK.

Masterclasses & Courses:

  • Taster masterclasses
  • Refresher masterclasses
  • 8 week Mindfulness courses for health and wellbeing. MBSR
  • 8 week Mindful Based Stress Reduction Programme ( 2hours per week with a Silent Retreat day)
  • Finding Peace in a Frantic World
  • 8 week beginners course in Mindfulness for wellbeing and health (90 minutes per week)

We will also be offering taster classes every term for each course plus top up masterclasses for all students that have attended courses.

Please check the studioโ€™s masterclasses calendar for future dates.

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